TYPE 7.9

TYPE 7.10
August 2, 2017
TYPE 7.8
August 2, 2017

TYPE 7.9

2nd Issue Printed at Currency Note Press, Nasik Paper density - 80 grams per square meter. Issued in 1939. ‘Currency Note Sarkar-e-Ali’ in Urdu meaning Government Currency Note in top centre. Two serial numbers below on either side. Coat of Arms on top left and watermark window on top right. Promise text in three lines with the denomination reading “DUS RUPYE SICCA OSMANIA” in words in centre. Denomination in words clockwise in Marathi, Telugu, O.S. Rs. TEN and Kannada. DUS RUPYE in Urdu in lower middle. For the Government in Urdu in lower right and signature in lower left. Denomination in numerals in Persian, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada and English in a panel on either side.


Numeral Siyaq in centre, 10 on top, numeral in Telugu on right, Kannada on below and Marathi in left.

Coat of arms

Type 1.

Numeral panel

Type 4 on either side.


Figure 10 in English & Urdu in top right corner.


6” x 3”


“THE GOVERNMENT OF HIS EXALTED HIGHNESS THE NIZAM OF HYDERABAD” in wavy patterns in obverse. Also same words in inter twined circular pattern in reverse


Specimen notes of this type are printed on unwatermarked paper.


Type No. Signature Prefix Remark
 7.9.1 Fakhr Yar Jung CO - CZ, DA - DZ, EA - EE  First note in the series was CO 25001
7.9.2 Mehdi Yar Jung ED - EZ, FA - FZ, GA - GW
7.9.3 Ghulam Muhammad GV - GZ, HA - HZ, IA - IL Sign 3.
7.9.4 Liaqat Jung IL - IR Five digit serial number changed to six digit. Sign 3 in first term
7.9.5 Zahid Hussain IQ - IZ, JA - JL Later prefixes may exist. Sign 2