TYPE 7.10

TYPE 7.11
August 3, 2017
TYPE 7.9
August 2, 2017

TYPE 7.10

1st Issue Waterlow & Sons Ltd. London. Issued in 1918 on unwatermarked paper of density 93.5 grams per square meter. Same as Type 7.8


“THE GOVERNMENT OF HIS EXALTED HIGHNESS THE NIZAM OF HYDERABAD” in wavy pattern in Central Denomination Panel and in intertwined pattern outside it. Same words written in circular inter twined pattern in reverse.

Coat of arms

Type 1 in corners.

Numeral panel

Type 1 on either sides.


8-25/32” x 5-21/32”


Some notes of this type were recovered from the shipwreck of S.S. Egypt which was carrying a consignment of Hyderabad notes of 5, 10 and 100 Rupees from England to India. It sank off the French coast. These notes are unsigned and bear a rubber stamp with an inscription that gives details of the shipwreck and indicates that they have no value. They are listed here as ‘Sea Salvage’ notes.


Type No. Signature Date Date type Prefix Remark
7.10.1 R.R. Glancy Not Dated PR - PS Signed as “Moin-ul-Muham Finance”. Title, signature overprinted. “Balda Hyderabad Deccan” printed in Urdu in bottom right. No date panel. Sign 1 affixed at Hyderabad mint.
7.10.2 Fakhruddin Ahmed 1 Di 1328 Fasli PS - PT From here onwards “Min Janeb Sarkar-e-Ali” meaning On Behalf of The Government, printed on bottom right. Printed date in date panel.Sign 1 affixed at Hyderabad mint.
7.10.2 A Sir Akbar Hyderi 1 Aban 1332 Fasli PT Sign affixed at Hyderabad mint.
7.10.3 Hyder Nawaz Jung 1 Dai 1334 Fasli PT Printed sign 1
1 Amardad 1334 Fe PT - PU Printed sign 1
1 Aban 1335 Fe PU - PV Printed sign 2
1 Mihr 1336 Fe PU - PW Printed sign 2
1 Azur 1338 Fe PV - PW Printed sign 2
1 Bahman 1339 Fe PW - PZ Printed sign 2
1 Mihr 1339 Fe PY - PZ, QA Printed sign 2. Last note issued was QA 85000
7.10.4 Sea Salvage note 1 Khurdad 1331 Fasli PS 60001-PS 100000 Unsigned, plain, handwritten CANCELLED or cancelled with a black/blue rubber stamp.
7.10.5 Sir Akbar Hyderi 1 Khurdad 1331 Fasli PS 60001-PS 100000 Replacement for sea sunk notes with different font type for the prefix.