TYPE 1C.1.1

TYPE 1C.2.1
July 11, 2017
TYPE 1B.4.1
July 11, 2017

TYPE 1C.1.1


Uniface notes, Unissued


ASIATIC 1804 BANK in a flying pennant above personified ‘India’ sitting with a tiger at her feet, a snake in her left hand and a mace in her right. Scenery of hills with water in background.


The notes bear denomination in two currency systems – the Star Pagodas and Arcot Rupees system. Denominations in dual currency in words and numeral in English and words in Telugu, Tamil and Persian to the right of the vignette and above promise text. ASIATIC BANK in stylized English in panel on left and MADRAS below Promise text. Manuscript date “ the ___ day of ___ 180_” below promise text. Manuscript serial number in panel on lower left side. Payable to in manuscript. Manuscript signatures on behalf For the Directors of the Asiatic Bank and Entd. …….. Engraved by Ashby, London.

Office of Issue



A rectangular looped pattern enclosing Asiatic/Bank/1804 in three lines. The word ‘BANK’ appears as shadow


The ‘Star’ Pagodas were struck by the East India Company in the mint at Fort St. William. The Rupees referred are ‘Arcot’ Rupees, struck at the same mint. The rate equivalent is 3 ½ Arcot Rupees to a Pagoda.


Type No. Denominations Known Dates / remark
1C.1.1.1 5 Star Pagodas; 17½ Arcot Rupees 180x, unissued
1C.1.1.2 10 Star Pagodas; 35 Arcot Rupees 180x, unissued
1C.1.1.3 100 Star Pagodas; 350 Arcot Rupees 180x, unissued
1C.1.1.4 500 Star Pagodas; 1,750 Arcot Rupees 180x, unissued