TYPE 1B.4.1

TYPE 1C.1.1
July 11, 2017
TYPE 1B.3.1
July 11, 2017

TYPE 1B.4.1


Personified Commerce seated amidst oriental surroundings with ships in background and anchor beside her.


COMMERCIAL BANK OF INDIA in English in upper panel, BOMBAY above Promise text panel. Denomination in numerals on four corners in Gujarati and Marathi alternatively with ‘Ru’ before the denomination. COMMERCIAL BANK OF INDIA in Hindi and Persian in a vertical panel on either side. Manuscript serial number on either side. Manuscript date with printed year 18xx above central promise text panel. Denomination printed in words on either side of vignette. Manuscript signature by Manager By order of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Western India, and Entd. by Accountant. Printed by Batho & Bingley, Lombard Street, London.


Denomination in words in centre within decorative scrolls.


A serpentine double line along all four sides. In the centre – THE COMMERCIAL / BANK / OF INDIA in three lines.

Promise Text

THE COMMERCIAL BANK OF INDIA Promises to pay the Bearer on demand at the Bank’s Office here … Rupees, Value received


Type No. Denominations Remark Date
1B.4.1.1 5 Rupees Unissued 18xx
1B.4.1.2 10 Rupees Unissued 18xx