TYPE 1B.2.1

TYPE 1B.3.1
July 11, 2017
TYPE 1B.1.3 (1859-1861)
July 11, 2017

TYPE 1B.2.1


Street scene near Town Hall, Bombay. Identifiable buildings include the Custom House and St. Andrew’s Church. To the left is the famous palm tree in Bombay Castle, a landmark for ships entering Bombay in the past century. BANK OF WESTERN INDIA in centre.


Denomination in numerals on four corners in Gujarati and Marathi alternatively with ‘Ru’ before the denomination. Denomination panel in lower left. “BANK OF WESTERN INDIA Promises to pay the Bearer on demand ….. Rupees Value recived” in promise text panel. Manuscript serial number on either side of BOMBAY, manuscript date with printed year 184x below central promise text panel.


Denomination in words in centre in between Bank of / Western India.


A serpentine triple line along all four sides. In the centre – BANK OF / WESTERN / INDIA in three lines.


Manuscript signature by Managing Director by order of the Board of the Bank of Western India, and Entd. by Accountant. Printed by Batho & Bingley, Lombard Street, London.


Type No. Denominations Remark
1B.2.1.1 5 Rupees Also as specimen proof on card.
1B.2.1.2 1000 Rupees Also as specimen proof on card.
1B.2.1.3 5000 Rupees Also as specimen proof on card.