TYPE 7.2

TYPE 7.3
August 2, 2017
TYPE 7.1
July 31, 2017

TYPE 7.2

Issued in January 1943 or Isfundarmuz 1352 Fasli. Printed at the Government Central Press, Malakpet, Hyderabad on unwatermarked paper of density 90 grams per square meter. ‘Sarkar-e-Ali’ in Urdu on top centre. Coat of Arms on top left and 1 in Persian in top right. All text in Urdu. Promise text in three lines with the denomination reading “EK RUPYA SICCA OSMANIA” in words in centre. Six digit serial number in lower centre. For the Government in Urdu in a panel on lower right and signature in a panel in lower left. Relief underprint 1 on either side in Central Denomination Panel.


Denomination clockwise in words in English, Kannada, Marathi and Telugu. 1 in Persian in top left and in Siyaq in top right. Obverse and reverse of Hyderabad One Rupee Coin Obverse - 1361 AH on left, Reverse - Regnal Year 32 on right.


“THE GOVERNMENT OF HIS EXALTED HIGHNESS THE NIZAM OF HYDERABAD, H.E.H.” within numeral panel in top right in obverse and in both numeral panels in reverse.

Coat of Arms

Type 1.

Language panel

Same at type 7.1


4” x 21/2”



1. Even though the note was printed at the Central Press Hyderabad, the cutting, numbering and printing of signature was done at the Nizam’s mint. 2. Notes of Type 2 do not have Prefix I, O. Each prefix has 10 further sub prefix from 0 - 9. 3. The date of coin on the note is in Hijri year.
7.2.3-F 7.2.3-B


Type No. Signature Prefix Remark
 7.2.1  Mehdi Yar Jung   Specimen only
 7.2.2     Does not exist
 7.2.3 Ghulam Muhammad   A - H, J - M Sign 1
7.2.3 A Ghulam Muhammad M - N Sign 2
7.2.4 Liaqat Jung N, P - S First Term, Sign 1
7.2.5 Zahid Hussain S - V Sign 1