TYPE 7.1

TYPE 7.2
August 2, 2017
100 Rupees TYPE 6.13.2
July 31, 2017

TYPE 7.1

Issued on Azar 14, 1329 Fasli or 1919; withdrawn on Mihr 30,1330 Fasli or 1920. Printed at Waterlow & Sons Limited, London, on paper of density 80 grams per square meter. ‘Sarkar-e-Ali’ in Urdu on top centre. Hyderabad One Rupee Coin Obverse - 1335 Hijri on top left corner, Reverse - Regnal Year 8 on top right corner. All text in Urdu. Promise text in three lines with the denomination reading “EK RUPYA SICCA OSMANIA” in words in centre. Six digit serial number on either side. For the Government in Urdu in a panel on lower right and signature in a panel in lower left.


Ornated Language Panel. Denomination clockwise in words in English, Kannada, Marathi and Telugu.


ONE RUPEE written in six lines in a pattern.


4-11/32” x 2-29/32”


The note is printed on a continuous sheet of watermark paper and cut randomly. There will be variations in the watermark depending on where the paper has been cut.
7.1.1-F 7.1.1-B
1. Most reference books mention a black coloured note in this type. It is in reference to this note. The general public, because of it being black in colour did not accept this type of note. These notes were destroyed due to non acceptance. 2. The date of coin on the note is in Hijri year


Type No. Signature Prefix Remark
 7.1.1  Fakhruddin Ahmed  A  Prefix A, B and C was printed. Only prefix A was circulated. Sign 2