TYPE 1A.1.3

TYPE 1A.1.4 (1830 – 1831)
July 11, 2017
TYPE 1A.1.2 (1823 – 1829)
July 6, 2017

TYPE 1A.1.3


Unicoloured Notes


Seated tiger above a floral scroll in lower margin.


BANK OF HINDOSTAN in top centre with CALCUTTA below it. BANK OF HINDOSTAN in upper margin in Hindi, Persian and Bangla on either side and denomination in words and numerals in lower margin on either side. 500 FIVE HUNDRED 500 below Promise text. ‘ON DEMAND’ precedes Promise text. Two dates and serial number on either side, and payee’s name in manuscript. Entered by manuscript signature and For the BANK OF HINDOSTAN. Engraved by Ashby London and printed by Perkins & Bacon, London using Patent Hardened Steel Plate.


Denomination in words in Hindi, Persian, Bangla on top and numerals below it. 500 SICCA RUPEES / FIVE HUNDRED 500 in centre.


Looped pattern along all four sides in the border. In centre BANK OF HINDOSTAN written in Bangla, English and Persian in three lines.


Type No. Denominations Remark
1A.1.3.1 50 Sicca Rupees 18xx, Unissued
1A.1.3.2 100 Sicca Rupees 18xx, Unissued
1A.1.3.3 250 Sicca Rupees 18xx, Unissued
1A.1.3.4 500 Sicca Rupees 18xx, Unissued
1A.1.3.5 1000 Sicca Rupees 18xx, Unissued