1000 Rupees TYPE 5.7

10000 Rupees TYPE 5.8
July 18, 2017
100 Rupees TYPE 5.6
July 18, 2017

1000 Rupees TYPE 5.7


Issued in July 1939, demonetised on 1st May 1945. Peacock notes: Caricature of Peacock on reverse on top corners. No logo of RBI. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA above GUARANTEED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT OF INDIA and PAYABLE ‘AT ANY OFFICE OF ISSUE IN BURMA’. Portrait of King George VI within a framed temple in centre with watermark window on left. BURMA below left watermark window. RUPEES / 1000 / ONE / THOUSAND / RUPEES in right window. Rs. 1,000 in top left corner and Rs. 1000 in Burmese in top right corner. Two serial numbers on either side on top. Promise text below portrait. ONE THOUSAND RUPEES in Lower Denomination Panel. Signed by GOVERNOR FOR THE / RESERVE BANK / OF INDIA. Burmese mythical lion dragon – Chinthe on either side of the temple entrance.


RESERVE BANK OF INDIA above. Peacock in top corners. Prowling tiger in the centre. ONE THOUSAND RUPEES and denomination in Burmese in centre below. BURMA / 1000 / RUPEES in left window. Burmese legend in lower corners.


Obverse: RESERVE BANK OF INDIA and ONE THOUSAND RUPEES within concentric semi circles enclosing 1000 and stylised RBI monogram alternatively, including edges in three colours. Reverse: Intertwined looped pattern with RESERVE BANK OF INDIA, ONE THOUSAND RUPEES, 1000 and stylised RBI monogram including edges in three colours and RESERVE BANK OF INDIA in watermark window.


Profile portrait of King George VI facing right. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA above portrait, and RESERVE BANK / OF / INDIA in three lines below it. Six links on top, ten links below connected to the eleven vertical links on the right and one link below connected to the eleven vertical links to the left.


Type No. Signature Prefix Remark
 5.7.1  J.B. Taylor  A  Burmese legend on reverse reads ngwe dinga t’toung (silver coins one thousand).