10.5 Bantwa Baramajmu

10.6 Bikaner
August 8, 2017
10.4 Bamra
August 8, 2017

10.5 Bantwa Baramajmu

Formerly in Surat Pranth of Western India States Agency (Kathiawar) merged into Saurashtra; now in Gujarat State


Lying between 21°24’ and 21°39’ north, and 70°0’15” and 70°18’45” east


221 square miles


Bantwa is in southwestern Kathiawar. The Bantwa Bara Majmu (or Bantwa Court) taluka includes eight villages, Sitana, Vadala, Eklera, Bhalgam, Ghantia, Dhaga (all of them alienated as charitable endowments), Bantwa-Devli and Bantwa proper, some 27 miles west southwest of the town of Junagadh. With the exception of Bantwa-Devli, which is 50 miles northeast of Bantwa, near Thana-Devli, all the other villages are interlaced with those of Manavadar, Sardargarh, and the Bantwa Chhota Majmu taluka.


The image of the coins is shown as half anna or 2 pice. Printed denomination reads two paise. Serial number in black. B in lower left.


Type No. Denomination
 10.5.1 Be Paisa - 2 Paisa