10.9 Chuda

10.8 Bundi
August 11, 2017

10.9 Chuda

Formerly in Western India (Eastern Kathiawar) States Agency, Jhalawad Pranth; merged into Saurashtra; now in Gujarat State


Lying between 22°23’ and 22°30’ north, and 71°37’ and 71°51’ east


78 square miles (1 town and 13 villages)


Portrait of Thakor Shri Bahadur Singhji Jorawar Singhji (ruled 1920 -1947). In some issues, the ‘B’ in bottom legend is sometimes printed sideways (90° counter clockwise) Spelling variations in the name of the ruler also exist. Printed serial and denomination on reverse.


These coupons were printed on papers of different colours with varying Fonts and colours of serial number. Even though the changes were there on obverse the reverse was consistent.


Type No. Denomination Remark
 10.9.1 A  Ek Paisa - 1 Paisa  All four corners rounded