TYPE 9.1

TYPE 9.2
August 3, 2017
TYPE 8.1
August 3, 2017

TYPE 9.1

Formerly in direct relations with the Resident for the States of Western India; now in Gujarat State.


Lying between 22023’ and 2306’ north, and 7003’ and 7103’ east


822 square miles (140 Villages) The notes issued by Morvi are more like indigenous Hundis or bearer’s bonds. The inscription in Gujarati indicates that the notes were encashable at the State Treasuries. The notes bear the signature of the ruler, Thakore Shri Waghji, along with other officials whose signatures are placed along the vertical sides of the notes. The notes also bear the denomination in Gujarati printed as an underprint, a cross reference in number to the issue register and the emblem of the state which is embossed in the upper half.


Type No. Denomination Remark
 9.1.1 250 Rupees  Central inscription written in hand. Serial numbers in all four corners.
9.1.2 250 Rupees Same as above but serial number in top right corner only
9.1.3 250 Rupees Central inscription printed in Red ink
9.1.4 500 Rupees Central inscription written in hand.
9.1.5 1,000 Rupees Central inscription printed in Red ink