TYPE 1A.3.2 (1812-1824)

TYPE 1A.3.3 (1823-1829)
July 11, 2017
TYPE 1A.3.1 (1812-1824)
July 11, 2017

TYPE 1A.3.2 (1812-1824)


Uniface Notes


BANK OF BENGAL in an ornated panel on the left in Bangla, Persian and Hindi. Calcutta in promise text. Manuscript serial number in top left and at lower right. Manuscript date and signature. Denomination in numerals and words in Bangla, Persian and Kaithi above Promise text. ONE GOLD MOHUR in denomination panel at lower left. Entered by manuscript signature and For the BANK OF BENGAL. Printed on watermark paper of density 20 grams per square meter. Promise text reads ‘SIXTEEN SICCA RUPEES’ whereas the denomination panel reads ‘ONE GOLD MOHUR’.


Within an ornamented rectangle, BANK OF BENGAL in first line; Bangla and Hindi in the second line, Persian in the third line. Stylised B of B 1806 in bottom left of third line.


The practice of manuscript numbers on either side of the note in Bangla was prevalent in early banknotes as they were cut in half and were sent by post for security reasons. On acknowledgement of receipt of the first half, the second half of the note was also sent by post. These were then joined together for encashment.


Type No. Denominations Remark Denomination Panel
1A.3.2.1 1 Gold Mohur 16 Sicca Rupees dp-1A.3.2.1
1A.3.2.2 500 Sicca Rupees - dp-1A.3.2.2