5 Rupees TYPE 6.3.9

5 Rupees TYPE 6.3.10
July 29, 2017
5 Rupees TYPE 6.3.8
July 29, 2017

5 Rupees TYPE 6.3.9


Vignette: Ashoka Pillar on obverse and Tractor ploughing field on reverse. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA, GUARANTEED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT and Promise Text in Hindi and English. Signed by Governor in Hindi and English. 5 in Central Denomination Panel. 5 on top right and lower left. PAANCH RUPAYE in Hindi above watermark window and RBI seal below watermark window. Language panel on right. One serial number. Security thread.


RESERVE BANK OF INDIA in Hindi and English. 5 in left panel and lower right corner. PAANCH RUPAYE in Hindi in top right corner. Vignette of tractor ploughing field with rising sun and hills in background. FIVE RUPEES below vignette.

RBI Seal

Type 1 on obverse

Language Panel

Type 5 on obverse


Ashoka Pillar with 6 wheels in background on left . R/B/I in three lines in centre, bold 5 on right.


11.8 x 6.3 cm


  1. The prefix got restricted to 20 alphabets for accounting purposes. Prefix I, J, O, X, Y, Z are not usedfrom type
  2. In the serial number the numeral precedes the alphabet from 1975. The prefix contains two numerals and one alphabet in a single line.
  3. This type was issued in parallel with Type 6.3.8 With Inset Inset