20 Rupees TYPE 2.2

50 Rupees TYPE 2.3
July 16, 2017
10 Rupees TYPE 2.1
July 16, 2017

20 Rupees TYPE 2.2


  1. The Sub-Circle is printed on the right side of the note in addition to the main Circle below the central denomination panel.
  2. ‘Sind Circle of Issue’ in a red oval seal across Kurrachee.


Type No. Signature Circle of Issue Prefix
2.2.1 H. Hydes Calcutta A
2.2.2 H. Hydes + C. W. Clerdin Calcutta or Allahabad A
2.2.3 H. Hydes + L. Berkeley Calcutta or Lahore A
2.2.4 J.A. Ballard + S. K. Lambert Bombay or Kurrachee C
2.2.5 C. Wilson (Acting Commissioner) Madras B