10 Rupees TYPE 2.1

20 Rupees TYPE 2.2
July 16, 2017
TYPE 1C.3.1
July 11, 2017

10 Rupees TYPE 2.1


In the top left corner profile Portrait of Queen Victoria in between floral wreath, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA above. Serial numbers with prefix, one alphabet and two numerals on either side on the Promise text. Denomination in words in panel on either side with Bangla on left and Persian on right below Promise text. Circle in between printed mirrored dates on either side. Denomination in numerals in a panel, Persian on left panel and Bangla on right panel. The name of Sub-Circle is by a superinscription or an overprint and its placement may vary in individual instances. Hand stamped signature at time of issue For the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. Denomination panel on lower left in numeral and words. Printed in England. The paper was supplied by L. Spice


GOVERNMENT OF INDIA in bold letters on top. In centre denomination in words and denomination in numerals in a rectangle on either side and lower RUPEES. On the lower left side signature of Sir James Wilson, the Finance Member of the Legislative Council, on the right side the signature of Lord Canning, the Governor General. Wavy lines in central promise text panel.


  1. J.A. Ballard signed under the seal of the Commissioner.
  2. The notes were signed by two signatories in case of Sub Circles.


Type No. Signature Circle of Issue Prefix
2.1.1 H. Hydes Calcutta A
2.1.2 H. Hydes + C. W. Clerdin Calcutta or Allahabad A
2.1.3 H. Hydes + L. Berkeley Calcutta or Lahore A
2.1.4 J.A. Ballard as Commissioner Bombay C