10000 Rupees TYPE 6.11.1

10000 Rupees TYPE 6.11.2
July 31, 2017
5000 Rupees TYPE 6.10.2
July 31, 2017

10000 Rupees TYPE 6.11.1


first issued in 1954; demonetized on 16th january 1978. Arched RESERVE BANK OF INDIA on top with GUARANTEED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT and promise text. Signed by Governor ‘For THE RESERVE BANK of INDIA’. Ashoka Pillar in centre with circle of issue below it, TEN / THOUSAND / RUPEES on left and DUS / HAJAAR / RUPAYA in Hindi in Central Denomination Panel. Serial number in top right and lower left. 10000 in top left and TEN / THOUSAND / RUPEES in lower right. DUS / HAJAAR / RUPAYA in Hindi in lower left corner. Two watermark windows. Relief underprint 10000 in lower central panel. Multi colour microtint in all four borders.


RESERVE BANK OF INDIA in centre, language panel in centre. RBI seal below language panel. 10000 on top corners. DUS HAJAAR / RUPAYA in Hindi below right window and TEN THOUSAND / RUPEES below watermark window.


RESERVE BANK OF INDIA repeated in five lines within the circle panel.

RBI Seal

Type 1.

Language Panel

Type 4 on reverse


Ashoka Pillar in left window. Rs/10000/Rs in three lines in right window. Vertical ten links on left connected to ten links horizontally on top, vertical ten links on right connected to two links horizontally on top right and lower left. RESERVE / BANK OF INDIA in two lines in centre with three links below it.

Issuing Offices

Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Kanpur, Madras.


18.6 X 11.4 cm



Type No. Signature Office of Issue Prefix Remark A  B. Rama Rau  Bombay  A  Released on 11th April 1954 B  B. Rama Rau  Calcutta  H C  B. Rama Rau  Madras  Q D  B. Rama Rau  Kanpur U E  B. Rama Rau  Delhi  X