1 Rupee TYPE 6.1.5

1 Rupee TYPE 6.1.6
July 19, 2017
1 Rupee TYPE 6.1.4
July 19, 2017

1 Rupee TYPE 6.1.5


Ashoka Pillar on obverse of One Rupee coin, BHARAT in Hindi to the left and INDIA to the right of Ashoka Pillar. GOVERNMENT / OF INDIA on top. ONE / RUPEE and EK / RUPAYA in Hindi in Central Denomination Panel. 1 on top corners. No promise text. One serial number. Signed by Secretary, Ministry of Finance. Relief underprint ONE RUPEE above and EK RUPAYA in Hindi below with ‘1’ on either side beneath serial number.


GOVERNMENT OF INDIA on top. 1 on top corners. Coin on left: RUPAYA in Hindi on top. 1 / RUPEE / YEAR, coin dated 1963 – 1965. Mint – Calcutta. Language panel in centre.

Language Panel

Type 5 on reverse.


Ashoka Pillar


10.1 x 6.4 cm


  1. Change in watermark window, language panel and coin on reverse.
  2. Henceforth, the Reverse of Rupee coin shows annual change in the date.
Watermark window Type 6.1.4 1.4.3_Obv-watermark-window Watermark window Type 6.1.5 1.5.2_Obv-watermark-window


Type No. Year Signature Inset Prefix Remark  1963  L.K. Jha  A  A - Y  Released on 25th September 1963 A  1964  S. Bhoothalingam B  A  - B  1965  S. Bhoothalingam  B  A - K  -