TYPE 1A.3.10 (1857-1861)

TYPE 1A.4.1 and TYPE 1A.4.2
July 11, 2017
TYPE 1A.3.9 (1853-1857)
July 11, 2017

TYPE 1A.3.10 (1857-1861)


First coloured note, Printed on unwatermarked paper.


New Design depicting “Britannia” with lion accompanied by personified “Commerce” on left, “Trade” on right, and “Agriculture” near the feet. Arched BANK OF BENGAL above vignette. The constituent provinces of the Bengal Presidency identified by vignettes, in straight line from left, a Rhinoceros (Assam), steam boat and sail boat on river Hooghly (Bengal), Tomb of Shershah Suri at Sasaram (Bihar) and Elephant (representing the remaining provinces). Denomination in words in centre and numerals on either side within promise text. Denomination panel on lower left. Security features – microprinting and underprint in Promise text. Also denomination in words within each alphabet of the denomination in Promise text panel. Name of payee eliminated, Promise text ‘payable to bearer’. Printed dates on either side of promise text panel. Introduction of prefix. Serial numbers on either side. Manuscript signature for the BANK OF BENGAL. Engraved by W. H. Lizars, Edinburgh.


Serial numbers in Bangla on either side. 10 followed by bold 10 across RUPEES and 10 in centre with Denomination in words in Persian above and Kaithi and Bangla below.


Denomination in words in promise text panel. Denomination in words within each alphabet of denomination in coloured panel.


  1. ‘Company’ omitted before Rupees.
  2. After encashment the note is retained for accounting purposes and it is over stamped with “CANCELLED”. Sometimes the signature portion of the note is also cut.


Type No. Denominations Prefix Known Dates / Remark
1A.3.10.1 10 Rupees A 31 Aug. 1857 / 12 Apr. 1859
1A.3.10.2 25 Rupees B 2 Sept. 1857 / 3 Sept. 1857
1A.3.10.3 50 Rupees C 19 Oct. 1857
1A.3.10.4 100 Rupees F 17 Nov. 1857
1A.3.10.5 500 Rupees H 18 Dec. 1857
1A.3.10.6 1000 Rupees L 27 Jan. 1858