500 Rupees TYPE 6.8.3

500 Rupees TYPE 6.8.4
July 30, 2017
500 Rupees TYPE 6.8.2
July 30, 2017

500 Rupees TYPE 6.8.3


New colour scheme with additional security features Same as Type 6.8.2 except change in colour and additional circular floral prints added on either side of Reserve Bank of India on obverse and in right margin on reverse. Optically variable ink used on 500 in Central Denomination Panel in obverse.


RBI 500 repeated beside portrait. Microtint of multi directional lines in geometric pattern visible under magnification within watermark window on obverse.

Security Thread

1 mm security Thread with RBI / BHARAT in Hindi alternatively read from both obverse and reverse, now on right half of the note. Visible security line overprinted in silver, aligned with the security thread.

RBI Seal

Logo type 4.

Language Panel

Type 6 on reverse


Profile portrait of Mahatma Gandhi facing right. R/B/I in three lines in centre, bold 500 in the lower right corner


16.7 x 7.3 cm


See through register SeeThrough-Flower-Obverse-500Obverse  SeeThroughComplete-Flower-500ReverseSeeThrough-Flower-reverse-500 When viewed against light


Type No. Signature Inset Prefix A Bimal Jalan AA - HW B Bimal Jalan A AA - BR C Bimal Jalan B AA - EL D Bimal Jalan C AA - AW A Y. V. Reddy AA - EE B Y. V. Reddy A AA - BF C Y. V. Reddy B AA - DM D Y. V. Reddy C BA - BQ