50 Rupees TYPE 6.6.1

50 Rupees TYPE 6.6.2
July 30, 2017
20 Rupees Star Notes TYPE 6.5.6
July 30, 2017

50 Rupees TYPE 6.6.1


New issue depicting parliament house, delhi without flag on the flag pole on reverse RESERVE BANK OF INDIA, GUARANTEED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT and Promise Text in English and Hindi. Signed by Governor in English and Hindi. 50 in Central Denomination Panel. PACHAAS RUPAYE in Hindi below Ashoka Pillar. 50 in top left corner. Language panel beside watermark window. Serial number in red in top right and lower left. RBI seal in lower left corner. Security thread on left half.


BHARATIYA RESERVE BANK in Hindi above vignette of Parliament House in centre. 50 on top left and lower right. PACHAAS RUPAYE in Hindi above and FIFTY / RUPEES below watermark window.


Microtint of a mesh in three colours visible under magnification within watermark window on obverse and vertical lines in single colour in reverse. Relief underprint of lotus flower in Central Denomination Panel.

RBI Seal

Type 1 on obverse.

Language Panel

Type 5 on obverse


Ashoka Pillar with 6 wheels in background on left . R/B/I in three lines in centre, bold 50 on right


14.8 x 7.3 cm


  1. Prefixes ‘I’, ‘J’, ‘O’, ‘X’, ‘Y’, and ‘Z’ are not issued.
  2. Series started with reduced Promise Text.
Parliament House without flag 6.1.3-flagless


Type No. Signature Prefix Remark  S. Jagannathan  AA - AH  Released on 16th May 1975  K.R. Puri  AK - CE  M. Narasimham  CF - CM  Released on 3rd October 1977 A  I.G. Patel  CP - GM