10 Rupees TYPE 6.4.14

10 Rupees Star Notes TYPE 6.4.15
July 30, 2017
10 Rupees TYPE 6.4.13
July 30, 2017

10 Rupees TYPE 6.4.14


New design with ₹ symbol added Vignette: Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi and Collage of Rhino, Elephant and Tiger on reverse. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA, GUARANTEED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT and Promise Text in Hindi and English. Signed by Governor in Hindi and English. 10 and DUS RUPAYE in Hindi in Central Denomination Panel. ₹ 10 on top corners. RBI seal in lower right corner and Ashoka Pillar on lower left corner. Red serial number on top right and lower left. A floral see through register above Ashoka Pillar. Security thread on right half. The symbol of the Rupee was created by D. Udaya Kumar and adopted on July 15, 2010. The symbol was derived from the Devanagari letter ‘₹’ with an additional horizontal line. The parallel lines at the top with white space between them make an allusion to the tricolor and also depict an equality sign, which symbolizes the nation’s desire to reduce economic disparity.


BHARATIYA RESERVE BANK in Hindi above the vignette. A collage of Rhino, Elephant and Tiger in centre. ₹ 10 in top corners and 10 in lower left. TEN RUPEES in lower right and DUS RUPAYE in lower left. Language panel on left.


Obverse: RBI repeated beside portrait in a floral motif above and below in centre. Microtint of multi directional lines in geometric pattern visible under magnification within watermark window and on the left edge on reverse.

Security Thread

1 mm security Thread with RBI / BHARAT in Hindi alternatively read from both obverse and reverse.

RBI Seal

Logo type 4.

Language Panel

Type 6 on reverse


Profile portrait of Mahatma Gandhi facing right. 10 to left of Mahatma Gandhi. R/B/I in three lines in centre. Bold 10 in the lower right corner. Five horizontal bars in the centre.


13.8 x 6.3 cm


4.14.2B_Rev-top-rightNumeral in top in Type 6.4.13 10-Ru-Rev-top-left Numeral in top in Type 6.4.14 4.14.2B_Obv-top-leftPanel in Type 6.4.13 10-Ru-Obv-top-left-10Panel in Type 6.4.14   4.14.2B_obv-top-rightNumeral in top left in Type 6.4.1310-Ru-Obv-top-rightNumeral in top left in Type 6.4.14


Type No. Signature Inset Prefix Year Remark A  D. Subbarao  A -  2011 B  D. Subbarao  R  A -  2011