10 Rupees TYPE 6.4.10

10 Rupees TYPE 6.4.12
July 30, 2017
10 Rupees TYPE 6.4.9
July 30, 2017

10 Rupees TYPE 6.4.10


BHARATIYA RESERVE BANK in Hindi above RESERVE BANK OF INDIA, GUARANTEED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT, Promise Text and signature of Governor in Hindi and English. ‘Satyameva Jayate’ added below the Ashoka Pillar. Hindi given importance over English. 10 in Central Denomination Panel. 10 in top left corner. DUS RUPAYE in Hindi below Ashoka Pillar. Serial number in top right and lower left.


Same as type 6.4.8 except shape of watermark window changed. RBI seal in Hindi and English.

RBI Seal

Type 4 on reverse

Language Panel

Type 5 on reverse


Ashoka Pillar with 6 wheels in background on left . R/B/I in three lines in centre, bold 10 on right


13.8 x 6.3 cm


  1. Satyameva Jayate added below Ashoka Pillar in 1988.
  2. In the serial number the numeral precedes the alphabet from 1975 in Type with two numerals and one alphabet in the prefix in a single line.
  3. Type Issued in parallel with Type 6.4.9
  4. The longest surviving motif of the Sail boat on reverse used in Rupees Ten for over 40 years.
Prefix in earlier types - large fonts Two numerals precede single alphabet as prefix before serial number in a single line in small fonts


Type No. Signature Prefix Remark  R.N. Malhotra  A - G  Large fonts in serial number. Alphabet precedes numeral in prefix. A  S. Venkitaramanan  K  Large fonts in serial number. Alphabet precedes numeral in prefix. B  S. Venkitaramanan  L - Q  Small fonts in serial number. Numeral precedes the alphabet in prefix. Colour of design in signature panel enhanced.