1 Rupee TYPE 6.1.9

1 Rupee TYPE 6.1.10
July 28, 2017
1 Rupee TYPE 6.1.8
July 20, 2017

1 Rupee TYPE 6.1.9


new design with bharat sarkar in hindi above government of india and vignette of offshore oil rig “sagar samrat” situated off bombay coast. BHARAT SARKAR in Hindi above GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. 1 in top left corner. ONE RUPEE below watermark window. Ashoka Pillar with BHARAT on left and INDIA to right of coin. Mint mark – Noida. Serial number in lower right. EK / RUPAYA in Hindi across 1 in relief in Central Denomination Panel. Signed by Secretary, Ministry of Finance in Hindi and English. EK RUPAYA RUPEE in relief underprint in lower panel in a pattern. Microtint of vertical straight lines in orange colour in watermark window.


BHARAT SARKAR in Hindi above GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. 1 in top right corner. Vignette of Offshore Oil Rig “Sagar Samrat”. RUPAYA in Hindi 1/ RUPEE/ 1981 within coin. Language panel below coin. EK RUPAYA / ONE RUPEE below watermark window.

Language Panel

Type 5 on reverse.


Ashoka Pillar on left, ‘1’ in centre BHA/ RA/ TA in Hindi in three lines on the right.


9.6 x 6.4 cm.


sagarSamratOilRigSagar Samrat the first drill ship at Bombay High, India’s biggest offshore oilfield off Mumbai. Russian and Indian oil exploration team that was mapping the Gulf of Cambay in 1965 in a seismic exploration vessel called Academic Arkhangelsky discovered the Bombay High oilfield . The company started drilling the Bombay High with the drillship Sagar Samrat in 1973 and the first well at offshore was drilled in 1974. No notes were printed with the year 1982 inscribed on the coin. The notes with the year 1982 are fabricated or altered willfully on an issued note. They are also not error notes.


Type No. Year Signature Prefix Remark  1981  R.N. Malhotra  A-H  1981  M. Narasimham  K, L  No notes were printed in 1982. M. Narsimham (1982 - 1983) signed notes of 1981